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Our highest-rated courses of 2017

Seven of our courses received near-perfect peer-reviewed scores in 2017 from participants.

Participants rank every course they take on a variety of counts, such as topic relevancy, individual presentations and course objectives. Individual reviews are aggregated into an overall course rating out of a possible 7.0.

Last year, the seven courses below received an overall rating of 6.9. All but one will be held again in 2018.

Advanced Bench Skills: Procedural Fairness

Lead faculty: Hon. Andre M. Davis, Hon. David T. Suntag, Prof. Kelly Tait

Introduced in 2016, this course teaches the four tenets of procedural fairness (voice, respect, neutrality and trust), how to exhibit those in your courtroom, and why doing so will leave litigants with greater respect for the justice system. Good news: This program will be offered twice in 2018.

Offered in 2018: Jan. 25-26 in Miami, Florida, and Sept. 12-14 in Anchorage, Alaska

Impaired Driving Case Essentials

Lead faculty: Hon. Earl G. Penrod, Hon. David L. Denkin, Dr. Melissa Piasecki

Longtime NJC faculty member Hon. Earl G. Penrod, who recently retired after 34 years on the Indiana Superior Court bench, brings multiple evidence-based options and sentencing tools to this DUI course. This program is held on an every-other-year basis and will likely return in 2019.

Offered in 2019

Conducting the Trial

Lead faculty: Hon. V. Lee Sinclair, Hon. Jenifer M. Harris, Hon. Michael W. Noble

One of our most sought-after courses for new judges, Conducting the Trial teaches courtroom basics on handling both civil and criminal trials.

Offered in 2018: May 7-10 in Reno, Nevada

Fourth Amendment: Comprehensive Search & Seizure Training

Lead faculty: Prof. Thomas K. Clancy, Hon. Roderick T. Kennedy, Hon. Mark J. McGinnis, Hon. Illona M. Holmes

The Fourth Amendment is one of the most litigated constitutional protections, making this course a must-have for judges who see search-and-seizure issues in their court. Its faculty include a team of judges and Thomas K. Clancy, a nationally recognized expert and author on the Fourth Amendment. It will be held in Denver, Colorado, for the first time in 2018.

Offered in 2018: Sept. 24-27 in Denver, Colorado

Court Management for Tribal Judges and Personnel

Lead faculty: Hon. Jan W. Morris, Ramona F. Tsosie, Thor A. Hoyte, Christine Folsom

Held annually since 1999, this program focuses on improving court performance and the administration of justice through case management, budgeting and personnel administration.

Offered in 2018: April 23-26 in Reno, Nevada

Civil Mediation

Lead faculty: Nancy Neal Yeend, Stephen L. Gizzi, Esq.

Civil mediation can be used by judges in the courtroom or while serving as a mediator after retirement. Participants in this course receive a certificate honored by most states with mediator credential requirements. Civil Mediation has been held since 1993 at the NJC and will be presented twice in 2018.

Offered in 2018: May 7-11 & Oct. 1-5 in Reno, Nevada

Designing & Presenting Programs Effectively: A Faculty Development Workshop

Lead faculty: Prof. Gerald F. Hess, Prof. Kelly Tait, Joseph Sawyer, William Brunson

Many judges feel comfortable on the bench, but engaging a room full of learners or delivering a PowerPoint in front of 200 people? That can take some practice. Since 2009, Designing & Presenting Programs Effectively has trained judges in presenting, adult-education principles and teaching skills.

Offered in 2018: Nov. 5-8 in Reno, Nevada

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