Sanitizing Courtroom
It’s time for jury trials to resume. The Judicial Branch will be ready.

By Richard A. Robinson | Published in HARTFORD COURANT | SEP 10, 2020 AT 6:00 AM

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the state Judicial Branch has made the safety of its employees — and the members of the public who use its buildings — its top priority. That has meant many changes and some sacrifices in the way the Branch operates.

But our system of justice cannot live up to its constitutional mandates of providing fairness and justice without a jury trial system in place. Jury trials are the backbone of our system of justice. According to the National Judicial College, “Jury trials provide the voice of common sense and the perspective of citizens in the justice system. Jury service is (the people’s) chance to have a voice in the judicial branch of government.”

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