Welcome to the Bench, Week of September 16th 2019

Congratulations to the following judges who are either new to the bench or have recently been elected, appointed or hired for a new position.

Monica Jo Gomez, County Court, Colorado
Meghan A. Adams, Superior Court, Delaware
Michael W. Arrington, Family Court, Delaware
Jeffery O. Monroe, Superior Court, Georgia
Frank A. Brindisi, District Court, Louisiana
Melissa Saterbak, District Court, Minnesota
Darlene Rivera Spalla, District Court, Minnesota
Rachna Sullivan, District Court, Minnesota
Misty A. Watson, Deputy Probate Commissioner, Missouri
Jennifer McAffrey, District Court, Oklahoma
Cassie McCoy, District Court, Oklahoma
Lisa Otipoby, District Court, Oklahoma
Robert D. Gifford II, Comanche Nation Supreme Court, Oklahoma
Ryland Rivas, Comanche Nation Supreme Court, Oklahoma
Casey Ross, Comanche Nation Supreme Court, Oklahoma
Steffan Alexander, Circuit Court, Oregon
Anna-Kristie M. Marks, Common Pleas Court, Pennsylvania
Teresa D. Jones, Municipal Court, Tennessee
Todd Little, County Court, Texas
Clifford L. Athey, Court of Appeals, Virginia

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