Welcome to the Bench, Week of May 27th 2019

Congratulations to the following judges who are either new to the bench or have recently been elected, appointed or hired for a new position.

Spiro Cheriogotis, Circuit Court, Alabama
Brandy Hambright, Circuit Court, Alabama
S. Wesley Pipes V, Circuit Court, Alabama
Tim Dickerson, Superior Court, Arizona
Andrea Eddy, Denver County Court, Colorado
Marcus S. Henson, District Court, Colorado
Isabel Palleras, Denver County Court, Colorado
Barry Schwartz, Denver County Court, Colorado
Judith Smith, Denver County Court, Colorado
Craig Karsnitz, Superior Court, Delaware
Bradley Manning, Court of Common Pleas, Delaware
Kathleen McCormick, Court of Chancery, Delaware
Selena Molina, Master in Chancery, Delaware
Janine Salomone, Superior Court, Delaware
Molina E. Selena, Court of Chancery, Delaware
Morgan Zurn, Vice Chancellor, Delaware
Robert J. Luck, Florida Supreme Court, Florida
Cary Rada, County Court, Florida
Ronda Colvin Leary, Gwinnett State Court, Georgia
Wendy DeWeese, District Family Court, Hawaii
Celene Gogerty, District Court, Iowa
Carey Hipp, 20th Judicial District, Kansas
Lisa L. Langford, District Court, Kentucky
Marcia Thomas, District Court, Kentucky
Jared M. McCarthy, Circuit Court, Maryland
Elizabeth Morris, Circuit Court, Maryland
Rebekka Stumme, District Court, Minnesota
Matthew Mallie, District Court, Minnesota
Kelly L. Mims, 1st District Circuit Court, Mississippi
John R. White, 1st District Circuit Court, Mississippi
David K. Thompson, New Mexico Supreme Court, New Mexico
James V. Brands, Town Judge, New York
Ashley Beall, Municipal Court, North Dakota
Emily Hagan, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court, Ohio
Rafe Hall, Special District Court, Oklahoma
Rick Marsh, District Court, Oklahoma
Bret A. Smith, District Court, Oklahoma
Grant Sheperd, Special District Court, Oklahoma
Melissa T. Blevins, 12th Judicial District Court, Tennessee
Yolanda R. Kight, 30th District Circuit Court, Tennessee
Anne Martin, 20th Judicial District Court, Tennessee
Jennifer Johnson Mitchell, 30th District Criminal Court, Tennessee
Patricia Moskal, Chancery Court, Part 1, Tennessee
Darrell L. Scarlett, Circuit Court, Tennessee
Jennifer Smith, Criminal Court, Tennessee
Michael E. Spitzer, 21st District Circuit Court, Tennessee
Christopher Stockwell, District Court, Tennessee
Kathryn Wall Olita, Montgomery Circuit Court, Tennessee
Phil Grant, District Court, Texas

Know of a new judge (of any kind) we’ve missed? Let us know with an email to njc-communications@judges.org.

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