2017 New Years
What’s up with Judicial Edge?

2017 New Years

In this issue three new monthly features debut:

Reflections from the Bench

Personal essays by your fellow judges (active or retired) talking about their experiences in the judiciary.  Have an idea for an essay? Email it to njc-communications@judges.org.

Ask the Model Code

Ever wonder if something is ethical under the Model Code of Judicial Conduct? Our experts will deliver the answers, which may sometimes surprise. Submit questions to njc-communications@judges.org.

Name that Courthouse

We show you an interesting courthouse. You try to identify it from the clues. Click through for the answer.

Still to Come…

A fourth new element is in the works: Alumni in the News. Help us spread the word about noteworthy events in the lives of you and your fellow NJC alumni. Submit items to njc-communications@judges.org.

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